The DC Cabaret Network was founded in 1997 to increase the
awareness of the art form of
CABARET within the DC
metropolitan area.


The mission of the Network is to increase the opportunities for
cabaret events and performances and build audiences who
appreciate cabaret.  The Network is also connecting local
cabaret artists and creating a “home” for performers where they
can share information and grow artistically.


  • Provide performance and educational opportunities for
    cabaret artists

  • Develop new cabaret venues

  • Build loyal audiences who support cabaret

  • Encourage press coverage for cabaret events

  • Develop relationships with other cabaret organizations in
    the U.S. and internationally


  • “Open Mics where performers can hone their skills and
    meet and support other artists

  • Showcase evenings

  • A bi-monthly email update, The DC Cabaret Network

  • Master classes and seminars taught by established local
    and national cabaret artists such as Sally Mayes, Andrea
    Marcovicci, and Erv Raible

4 Responses to “About”

  1. cabaretdc Says:

    Congratulations on the new info source for the DC cabaret lovers from the group that has done so much to get us where we are!!!!

  2. Katherine McCann Says:

    This is GREAT!

  3. Peter Fox Says:

    Hi all – signed up foe email updates so I come see y’all a bit more!

  4. ThatJAXxkid Says:

    Hey i’m starting a music, dance, artist, blog, info site called ThatJAXxkid and I was hoping to get a chance to work with you. I like what your doing, so i’m willing to add a link to your site from my page and would like if you did the same. email me to talk more about what our goals and ideals. -ThatJAXxkid

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