The DC Cabaret Network’s Open Mic at The Black Squirrel may not always have the greatest “gate” (as they say in baseball), but those who were there on Monday night really hit it out of the park!  It was such a good time with great talent, a variety of songs and, because of the intimate numbers, a real sense of warmth and enjoyment.
Part of the reason for such a successful evening was on account of our music director extraordinaire, Bill Yanesh. His good nature, combined with his amazing ability and musicianship, made the night really extra special. Many thanks, William!
Our host, Steven Cupo, was in good spirits, buffered by his husband, Dan Engeljohn. Also having fellow DC Cabaret Network Board member, Cindy Hutchins, along for moral support, made his night ever more enjoyable.
Jill Parsons, who has her “personal” Open Mic at Shaw’s Tavern on Wednesdays, once again, filled in for her “other half” Jeff Tucker, as sound goddess and all-around roadie. Much appreciated, Jill.
Truant from hosting her own Open Mic at Germano’s in Baltimore, the wonderful Mary Reilly was there to share her good nature, warm voice and camaraderie. Actress and singer, Christy Trapp drove all the way from Annapolis to attend and everyone was delighted she did. Just off her successful show in New York City, her beautiful face and great song selections only made the night richer. Also deepest gratitude to Kathy Reilly and Ron Squeri for their continued support and very much welcome voices.
So, if you are feeling the yen to join us in the fun next time, our subsequent anticipated Open Mic will be on Monday, October 17 at 8:00. So, come join the cabaret!

Steven Cupo – All the Things You Are
Mary Reilly – The Summer Knows
Christy Trapp – Feelin’ Good
Kathy Reilly – A Little Jazz Bird
Ron Squeri – I Want to Go Home
Steven Cupo – All My Loving
Christy Trapp – True Colors
Mary Reilly – ‘Tis Autumn
Kathy Reilly – Bluesette
Ron Squeri – I’d Rather Be Sailing
Kathy Reilly – Lucky To Be Me
Christy Trapp – Lullaby

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