Well, it was a FAB-ulous night with the DC Cabaret Network’s August Open Mic at The Black Squirrel! “Terrific” is a terrific word to describe it. There were SO many participants offering a huge variety of styles, songs and personalities, plus a ukulele! Although we did have to start the eve off with some news regarding our own Jeff Hamlin, who was supposed to be at the keyboard. Poor Jeff sliced one of his fingers quite badly while cooking dinner the previous night. YIKES! Not to worry though, as he is off to a great recovery, albeit with some pain and being a bit shaky (wouldn’t anybody?). However, making lemonade out of lemons, the super-duper Howard Breitbart stepped in at the very last moment and saved our heinies! And, wow, did he rise to the occasion! That Howie can play ANYTHING. THANK YOU, Howard!
Steven Cupo, again, did his jolly best to emcee and keep things a-movin’ along. But the dynamic energy of the singers made his job, oh, so easy. In addition, everyone was delighted to have all six Board members of the Cabaret Network in attendance. It was a great showing of solidarity and dedication to the art of cabaret.
It was a really extra special treat to have friends from other cabaret organizations come be with us. Jill Parsons, who has her own Open Mic at Shaw’s Tavern on Wednesdays, was there, as well as one of “her” singers, Dani Harrow, who thrilled everyone with her great chops. Niki Ryan, who is a regular at Normandy Farms Restaurant, in Potomac, with their own cabaret series, enchanted us with her song stylings.
Another special happening was when our Board President, George Fulginiti-Shakar brought four of his “newbie” performance/voice students to the Open Mic. These are young adults who have never sung in public before, but are developing their love of vocal interpretation. George has done a wonderful job with them, as showed by the GREAT presentation each one of them brought to the stage. The audience was blown away by their maturity and abilities. Thank you to Zoe, Dorian, Trinity and Attey. It was really an exceptional experience which punctuated an equally exceptional evening.
SO, if this leaves you wanting more, we hope you will join us at our next Open Mic on Monday, September 12 at 8:00. The VERY talented Bill Yanesh will be our man at the keyboard. We look forward to seeing you then!

Steven Cupo – Guido’s Song
Heidi Mayor – What a Wonderful World
Juan Marroquin – Try to Remember
Michael Miyazaki – Come Back With That Same Look in Your Eyes
Heather Frank – The Ukulele Song
Marcia Kass – Since You’ve Asked
Marianne Glass Miller – I’m Standing Here
Miranda Cooter – Crazy
Jill Parsons – Blue
Dani Harrow – Anything Worth Holding On To
Ron Squeri – An American Dream
Viki Ryan – On a Clear Day
Tracy Simpson – Oh, How I Loved You
Lonny Smith – I Was Here
Zoe Walpole – Life of the Party
Dorian Jackson – On My Way to You
Trinity Perie – Broken-Hearted Girl
Attey Harper – Home
Dani Harrow – I’m Here
Tracy Simpson – The World is Full of Bastards
Heather Frank – I’m Putting All My Eggs in One Basket