Hoo boy! Who knew the DC Cabaret Network’s Open Mic at The Black Squirrel would be as entertaining as it was. Of course it is always entertaining, but some surprises such as a birthday with cake, technical difficulties, a flakey music stand and, of course, wonderful talent all brewed together to make a bubbly night of fun and craziness. Jeff Hamlin at the keyboard led the night’s participants with great ability, agility and just a general good ‘tude, despite the fact that the music stand on the piano fell off one too many times. Oy vey! Our audio guy, Jeff Tucker, dealt with a very cranky sound system while Steven Cupo, once again at the helm, was having his own lyric meltdown, but charged on bravely, helping to set the evening’s tone. Board member, Cindy Hutchins, chose to celebrate her birthday at the Open Mic. And thank goodness she did because there was a DELICIOUS chocolate truffle cake waiting for her which she shared with everyone there. One just never knows what unexpected treats one may find at the Open Mic! And speaking of treats, we welcomed back our errant board member, Tracy Simpson, who was away in NYC for 2 months with work. My, my … hearing her sing again reminded us all how sorely she was missed! Great songs, great people and the truly unexpected blended together to make a really exceptional evening.

SO, if this all sounds like you were left out of a wonderful time, we really hope you will join us at our next Open Mic on Monday, August 8 at 8:00. We look forward to seeing you then!

Steven Cupo – We Can Be Kind
Susan Stockdale – Walk On By
Heidi Mayor – The Longest Time
Ron Squeri – Perhaps Love
Sheri Kuznicki Owen – Fallin’
Maureen Kerrigan – That Funny Honey of Mine
Magdalena Kuszmileva – Dream a Little Dream of Me
Tracy Simpson – Tall Drink of Water
Everard Cupo – Some Enchanted Evening
Steven Cupo – I Will
Sheri Kuznicki Owen – This Year
Cindy Hutchins – The Best is Yet to Come
Maureen Kerrigan – Cry Me a River
Ron Squeri – Your Kiss of Fire
Everard Cupo – What a Wonderful World


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