With summer around the corner, the expected warmth was previewed at The Black Squirrel with the DC Cabaret Network’s June Open Mic; that would be the “warmth” of friendship, talent and a general good time. At first, we thought it was going to be a “tastefully’ intimate group, but after the proceedings began, twice as many that were in already in attendance showed up, leading to a full complement of singers! The delightful and energetic piano playing of the talented Howard Breitbart led the night, and, except for his sustain pedal trying to escape the stage early in the evening, brought a spark to everybody’s presentations. The emcee was once again, Steven Cupo, who began the night with a dedication to the tragedy in Orlando. After which, he revved up the evening with a bit of his own brand of twisted humor. There were many new faces there. Shaw Tavern in Bloomingdale hosts their own Open Mic, led by the wonderful Jill Parsons every Wednesday night, sent over some their best singers to add to the happy group at The Black Squirrel; and we were ALL so glad to get them! Thank you to Danie, Cory and Ashlee for swinging by. That’s not to say our Open Mic “regulars” didn’t do a great job as well. New Board member, Heather Frank, belted out a song as we had never heard her … wow! And the always sweet Ron Squeri sang a very funny If You Love Me, Please Don’t Feed Me, reminding us ALL that we’ve “been there, done that”. It really was a special evening with which start the summer.
For those who missed it, please join us at our next Open Mic on Monday, July 11 at 8:00, at which the immensely appealing and easy-on-the-eyes Jeff Hamlin will be at the key board.

Steven Cupo – Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let it Begin With Me
Heather Frank – Keeping Out of Mischief Now
Ron Squeri – Perhaps Love
Sheri Kuznicki Owen – Waiting for Life to Begin
Juan Marroquin – Imagine
Danie Harrow – Too Beautiful for Words
Brandi Rose – Stars And The Moon
Paul Pompeo – Come Fly With Me
Cory Hibbets – Kiss the Air
Erika Cogliani – You Learn to Live Without
Ashlee Kurkoff – Don’t Rain on My Parade
Everard Cupo – Lucky Old Sun
Sheri Kuznicki Owen – Come Rain or Come Shine
Ron Squeri – If You Love Me, Please Don’t Feed Me
Juan Marroquin – The Way You Look Tonight
Paul Pompeo – Everybody Says Don’t
Erika Cogliani – Easy As Life
Danie Harrow & Ashlee Kurkoff – Let Me Be Your Star
Cory Hibbets – So Close Brandi Rose – Christmas Lullaby
Steven Cupo – With You