The spring rains of May brought on more than just flowers; music was blooming as well at The Black Squirrel.  An enthusiastic group was ready to welcome in good music along with a wonderful evening of fun and camaraderie.  With Reenie Codelka at the piano, the creative spirit blossomed.  Reenie even shone with her own versatility as she played for one singer with nothing but basic chords and lyrics in front of her.  Everyone was duly impressed; especially the singer!  Host, Steven Cupo, brought his 90 year old Dad, Ev, to help add to the entertainment.  Ev had been to past Open Mics, but this was the first time he sang twice.  And, boy, what a huge treat that was.  He really still has the magic one needs in order to put across a song.  Board member, Cindy Hutchins, brought along a new voice student.  They both ended up singing by using music from the just completed lesson.  Now that is what you call “getting into the swing of things”!  Speaking of Board members, Monday was the birthday of DC Cabaret Network Board President, George Fulginiti-Shakar.  Even though he wasn’t in attendance, he was remembered from the stage.  Happy Birthday, Georgie!
As all were leaving at the end of the night, everyone agreed that it was a very special coming together of music and great story telling; just the perfect evening.

Steven Cupo – Mama, a Rainbow
Marcia Kass  – Timid Frieda
Paul Pompeo – Here’s That Rainy Day
Stephanie Dailey – Hard Hearted Hannah
Len Borges – Beyond the Sea
Heidi Mayor – Hang on Little Tomato
Everard Cupo – Wandering
Steven Cupo – With You
Cindy Hutchins – Every Time We Say Goodbye
Magdalena Kuszmileva – The Man I Love
Paul Pompeo – Fly Me to the Moon
Stephanie Dailey – I Believe in You and Me
Heidi Mayor – I’ve Been Lonely Before
Everard Cupo – Old Man River


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