The DC Cabaret Network’s December “doings” at The Black Squirrel was packed to the rafters for the “Holiday Open Mic”. Everyone was there to share in some Christmas/Hanukkah/non-denominational good cheer … and wow … were they cheerful!  With the ever lovely Reenie Codelka at the piano and, Christmas elf, Steven Cupo, hosting, folks were guided through a mélange of merriment and memories.  This year, there was a bit of a twist in the proceedings, with the introduction of a grab bag.  Most of the participants brought a wrapped present to put in a festively wrapped box.  After they sang, they got to choose a mystery present from the box to help put them in the holiday spirit.  Marcia Kass was probably the most excited of everybody when she unwrapped a 3-ring hole punch.  Leave to a singer to get revved up over a hole puncher!
Twenty singers filled the evening with their remarkable recitals and reminiscences.  And, just as we have been experiencing over these past few months, it was thrilling to have many “new” faces among our regular, wonderful attendees.  Three DC Cab board members offered us three musical selections spanning the gamut of old and new: Cindy Hutchins, Tracy Simpson and Steven Cupo. Newcomer, Erica Cogliani, gave us a magical “Too Beautiful for Words”.  But it was that clever Michael Miyazaki with his re-written “A Good Gift is Hard to Find” that brought the house down.
It was also announced that the new Terri Allen Legacy Fund web site is up and running.  This site is dedicated to extend Terri’s artistry and passion for the art of cabaret beyond her life. The legacy fund contributes to the activities of the Washington DC Cabaret Network as well as artists and organizations that recognize music which connects artists to audiences.  All donations are completely tax deductible.  (For more information, go to )
By the end of the evening, so many had sung, there was only time for a group “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” before we all went on our gay (as in “… let the Yuletide be …”) way.
Our next Open Mic is on Monday, January 11th at 8:00, with Jeff Hamlin at the keyboard.  Come join us in the New Year and get into the enjoyment that is the DC Cabaret Network’s Open Mic.

Steven Cupo – Just in Time for Christmas
Byron Murray – On the Road to Bethlehem
Cindy Hutchins – Make Someone Happy
Sheri Kuznicki Owen – Pick Yourself Up
Tracy Simpson – Wintersong
Maris Wicker – It’s Lovely Here
Heidi Mayor – What a Wonderful World
Maureen Kerrigan  – The Way You Look Tonight
Erica Cogliani – Too Beautiful for Words
Ron Squeri – Christmas Eve in Washington
Marcia Kass – Since You Asked
Eileen Warner  – In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning
Juan Marroquin – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
Tiffany Carter  – The Christmas Song
Michael Miyazaki – A Good “Gift” is Hard to Find
Kathy Reilly – Lucky to Be Me
Mary Reilly – We Need a Little Christmas
Parris Daniel  – My Rose-Colored Glasses
Brandi Rose  – Can’t Help Lovin’ That Man of Mine
Brenda Rozier-Clark – How Deep is the Ocean, How High is the Sky?

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