A rainy autumn evening couldn’t keep folks away from the DC Cabaret Network’s November Open Mic at The Black Squirrel, hosted by a wacky Steven Cupo. And with the wide variety of material, people and presentations, everyone was so glad they came!  Joining the Open Mic for the first time was the incredibly talented Bill Yanesh at the piano.  His youthful guise belied his amazing versatility and obvious depth of experience.  With the diverse styles presented, it was good he was there.  His good nature also came into play, as a jerry-rigged bar table and stool “tower” had to stand in for a lack of a music stand.  What a trouper!
It was exciting to have so many “new” faces; which meant “new” songs!  Newcomer, Parris Daniel, brought an entourage of friends to listen to her sing and play one of her own compositions.  One of her friends, Naomi Mason, was then inspired to sing, even though she had not planned to.  It was good our audio tech, Jill Parsons, who is a talented pianist in her own right, knew one of the songs by heart and jumped in “for the assist”.  It should also be pointed out that Jill brought a friend of her own to sing for the first time, Landon Paddock.  He gave us a smooth and Sinatra-like “All the Way” that made everyone dreamy.  Special mention must be made to Board Member, Tracy Simpson, who knocked everyone out with a song from a new musical, “Waitress”, called “She Used to Be Mine”.  In addition, long-time DC Cabaret Network friend Maureen Kerrigan reminded all that there is nothing like listening to a pro, no matter what she is singing.
The night was such a rich combination of “old” and “new”, it was universally agreed that it would be difficult to wait for our next Open Mic on Monday, December 14th at 8:00.  Come join us for the holidays and get into the fun that is always part of the DC Cabaret Network’s Open Mic.

Steven Cupo – Never Neverland
Heidi Mayor – Dream a Little Dream of Me
Eileen Warner  – It Goes Like it Goes
Paul Pompeo  – Everybody Says Don’t
Parris Daniel  – Hometown Glory
Annie Elliott  – Frank Mills
Mary Reilly – Out of This World
Juan Marroquin – Edelweiss
Tracy Simpson – She Used to Be Mine
Stephanie Dailey – I Was Born in Love With You
Marianne Glass Miller – Poor Everybody Else
Maureen Kerrigan  – At Last
Naomi Mason – Hopelessly Devoted
Paul Pompeo  – Autumn Leaves
Maureen Kerrigan  – Dreamin’
Stephanie Dailey – Home
Landon Paddock – All of Me
Tracy Simpson – Laughing Matters
Parris Daniel – Pride
Naomi Mason – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Juan Marroquin – Moon River