Despite torrential rains, the Black Squirrel was crowded with enthusiastic (albeit damp) participants with the DC Cabaret Network’s August Open Mic. Thankfully, the talented Reenie Codelka, at the piano, and Jeff Tucker, on sound, both made it in before the heavens opened up.   Board Member and host Steven Cupo scooted in on time, along with his husband and father, as well. That wasn’t always the case with some late-comers. However, rain or no rain, people had a great time enjoying the variety of voices and stylings of the singers. Although, that is to say, not everyone sang.   Michael Miyazaki, whose voice was a bit raspy, in lieu of singing, regaled the audience with musician jokes; very hilarious. Kudos to Sheri Kuznicki Owen, who drove all the way from Annapolis with her husband in order to be included in the evening’s festivities, did a wonderful interpretation of Alone, But Not Lonely. In addition, Juan Marroquin should be acknowledged for his brave gesture in coming to the Open Mic only a month after his father’s death. His dedication to his dad had all of us remembering family members and friends who have moved on; especially DC Cabaret Network’s own Terri Allen, whose passing, one year ago, was marked by this August Open Mic.

It was a great mix of talent and stories told in music that truly made the night a memorable one.   Please join us for our September Open Mic on Monday, September 14th at 8:00! See you then!

Steven Cupo – Try to Remember
Stephanie Dailey – Break Away
Heidi Mayor – So Nice (Summer Samba)
Ron Squeiri – Feed the Birds
Len Borges – Once Upon a Time
Lorena Sabogal – Heart and Soul
Faheen Moghal – Anytime (I Am There)
Juan Marroquin – Somewhere Out There
Michael Miyazaki – musician jokes
Kathy Reilly-Repass – The Time For Us Has Come
Richard Dew – I’m Not That Girl
Eileen Warner – Somewhere
Joanne Schmoll  – All About the Base
Sheri Kuznicki Owen – Alone, But Not Lonely
Steven Cupo – I Remember
Joanne Schmoll – Gravity
Faheem Moghal – ‘Til I Hear You Sing