Michael Miyazaki

Michael Miyazaki

On Sunday evening, July 26th, the DC Cabaret Network hosted a wonderful seminar titled “Cabaret Performance, Repertoire and Resources” given by longtime Network member Michael Miyazaki.  Held in a private room on the third floor of The Black Squirrel, in Adams Morgan, Michael edified twelve very eager participants with enormous amounts of information and great helpful hints.  Using a Power Point®  display, he was able to integrate his vast knowledge of cabaret “how to’s” with actual videos of various cabaret performers and their individual approach to the art.  Michael was enormously enthusiastic with lots of fun facts and entertaining trivia.  That is not to say the three hours were trivial; quite the contrary.  Michael organized his trunkful of talking points into a clear, informative and well received workshop. Plus, on top of it all, he brought a couple of platefuls of cupcakes and cookies!  Now THAT’s what one would call a very full class.


Folks attending this July’s Open Mic at The Black Squirrel were elbow-to-elbow as they enjoyed a densely packed evening of song and fun.  The night not only overflowed with a number of different singers, but with a diversity of material and moods.  Expertly handling the keyboard for our varied, sparkling  performers  was a “new” music director in the guise of Jeff Hamlin.  Jeff did a great job with ALL the different styles of music that was placed in front of him.  His poise and easy demeanor put everyone at ease.  Our usual host and DC Cabaret Network board member, Steven Cupo, emceed and, along with a newly minted bartender Leyton, helped move the proceedings along very nicely.

Highlights included board member Tracy Simpson’s rendition of the very salty “Sweet As Whole”. (Read the last two words of the title out loud a few times; you’ll get the gist of the song… ahem!)  Steve Cupo’s 88 year-old dad sang an a cappella “Old Man River” that brought the house down!  Also, it was wonderful to hear our own secretary of the board, Cindy Hutchins, sing a soulful, heartfelt “Sleepin’ Bee”.  And speaking of “bees”, there were a lot of “new-bees” singing.   To have so many new faces and voices joining in really helped to make our July Open Mic a special and remarkable event.

Please join us for our August Open Mic on Monday, August 24th at 8:00!  See you then!

Steven Cupo – Josephina, Please No Lean-a on the Bell
Heidi Mayor – Society’s Child
Tracy Simpson – Sweet As Whole
Len Borges – Feelin’ Good
Marcia Kass – America
Michael Miyazaki – The French Song
Cindy Hutchins – Sleepin’ Bee
Carmel Simmons – Marry Me a Little
Ron Squeri – Feed the Birds
Regina Begliutti – Moon River
Annie Elliot – There’s a Fine, Fine Line
Jessica Mallow – The Man I Love
Kathy Reilly-Repass – Sweet Georgie Fame
Heather Frank – NaCl
Norah Delury – Losing My Mind
Everard Cupo – Old Man River
Tracy Simpson – Always By Your Side
Carmel Simmons – Teach Me Tonight
Norah Delury – No One is Alone
Lisa Taylor – The Man I Love