The Black Squirrel is Welcoming to our March Open Mic

The surprisingly balmy March evening matched the warm reception the DC Cabaret Network received on it’s inaugural Open Mic at the Black Squirrel.  Liz, the bartender, made everyone feel at home in their downstairs tap room.  Several DC Cabaret Network “regulars”, along with a few new faces, took in the ambiance and good music, while enjoying a cocktail or two.  Music director Reenie Codelka skillfully accompanied our participants, while DCCN Board Member, Steven Cupo, guided folks through a great night of thorough enjoyment.  Thanks, also, to Jeff Tucker at the Art of Music, who lugged sound equipment and our new keyboard, recently donated by the generous Karin Rosnizeck, into the space.  By the comments and reception of everyone who was there, all are hoping DCCN’s working relationship with the Black Squirrel will be a long and happy one.  Come join us on April 6th at 8:00 for the next Open Mic at the Black Squirrel.

Performers and songs from the evening:
Steven Cupo – Crazy
Len Borges – Sometimes a Day Goes By
Maris Wicker – Black is the Color of My True Love’s Hair
Byron Murray – This is New / It was Never You
Heidi Mayor – Fly Me to the Moon
Michael Miyazaki – Why Do the Wrong People Travel?
Marcia Kass – If He Walked Into My Life
Carmella Simmons – I’m Not Afraid of Anything
Ron Squeri – Elusive Butterfly of Love
Tracy Simpson – If they Made a Movie of My Life
Norah Deluhery – Ladies Who Lunch
Steven Cupo – Tammy
Everard Cupo – I Believe
Michael Miyazaki – I Wish You the Sweetest of Nights
Byron Murray – I’ve Never Been in Love Before
Carmella Simmons – Everything I Know
Norah Deluhery – Infinite Joy
Ron Squeri – I am Home
Tracy Simpson – I Sold My Heart to the Junkman
Len Borges – Beyond the Sea