A November Open Mic Full of Surprises

On Monday, November 9, The DC Cabaret Network held it’s monthly Open Mic at The Warehouse.  It was an amazing evening full of surprises; welcome and “un”.  Hosted by Steven Cupo, the evening rapidly filled with singers, laughter and tears.  Thirteen singers stepped to the microphone, with  Reenie Codelka at the piano reminding everyone of how wonderful she is at her art.

Molly Ruppert, owner of The Warehouse, came and stayed the whole time.  After being introduced, she told the gathering she had recently attended a gala honoring folks in the DC area who were movers and shakers in the Arts.  She said, at the event, time was taken to remember those who had passed in the past year; and our own Terri Allen, who left us suddenly in August, was the first mentioned!  She also wanted everyone to know, before the building was torn down in January, The Warehouse was having a “Goodbye and Thank You” party on Monday, November 17th at 7:30 for anyone who had worked at the space.

After a few singers had made their way to the stage, an unexpected participant of the rodent kind appeared; quite healthy and quite active.  One could say that music not only soothes the savage beast, but gets their creative juices going as well.  After a bit, obviously deciding its talent was not up to par with the rest of the room, it went on its way.

Along with the loyal attendees, there were a few new comers who added their presences to the mix.  Even Steven’s 88 year old Dad sang!  The variety of personalities, voices and material created a very full evening that lasted until 10:30.  It must be said all were so happy to have Beverly Cosham come that evening.  Not only had Beverly been very close to Terri Allen, but had lost her own husband, Ralph, just a few weeks ago.  Her sweet words and beautiful interpretations reminded us all why we were there: that life continues and we all need to celebrate it, especially in song.

Steven Cupo        “Making Whoopie”, “Take Me to the World”
Marcia Kass         “Some of These Days”, “I Loved”
Ron Squeri           “Neverland”, “Perhaps Love”
Kathy Reilly          “Do You Miss New York?”, “Words and Music”
Paul Pompeo        “Autumn Leaves”
Norah Deluhery    “Now You Know”, “Moonglow”
Michael Miyazaki  “The Dinner Party”, “Shine On Harvest Moon”
Stephanie Dailey  “Colors of the Wind”
Richard Dew         “Heaven Knows”, “World of Imagination”
Heidi Mayor          “Eris Tu”
Tracy Simpson      “My Heart Was Set on You”, “You Can Have Manhattan”
Beverly Cosham   “Here’s to Life”, “My Favorite Year”
Everard Cupo       “That Lucky Old Sun”