Terri Allen: Remembered in Song

On Monday, September 15, the DC Cabaret Network had the honor of dedicating their monthly Open Mic to their beloved Terri Allen. The Open Mic was always seen as Terri’s “baby”; she nurtured it and kept it running through lean times and good. She loved keeping it available for people to try out new material, to hear their favorite songs in their voices and for newbies to take their first steps into the spotlight of the cabaret world. The Open Mic truly was and continues to be a unique venue in the DC area; primarily because of the efforts, devotion and dedication of Terri.

We were delighted and moved that so many people wanted to participate in the evening. The Warehouse was packed with family, friends and long-time devotees of the Open Mic. Terri’s sister and brother, Barbara and Mike Allen were there, along with her niece, Hannah Jurs-Allen. The co-founder of the DC Cabaret Network, Wendy Lane Bailey came down from New York City. George Fulginiti-Shakar and Alex Tang generously shared keyboard duties, while Steven Cupo tried to fill Terri’s shoes as host. Not everyone who stepped to the mic sang, but instead gave a spoken tribute to the memory of Terri. Fellow DC Cabaret Network board members Lonny Smith and Cindy Hutchins, along with a few others, brought bubbly and refreshments to round out the evening. It was a night of laughter, tears and especially music. Literally and figuratively, it was a champagne toast to the life of Terri Allen.

And, just as she would want it, the Open Mic will continue on.

The following is a list of those who, that evening, went to the microphone and their contribution:

Steven Cupo song: “On My Way to You”
Byron Murray song: “Lazy Afternoon”
Marcia Kass song: “Miss Otis Regrets”
Alex Tang spoken tribute
Christy Trapp song: “I Wish You Love”
Lonny Smith song: “Anytime”
Wendy Lane Bailey spoken tribute
George Fulginiti-Shakar spoken tribute
Mary Reilly song: “Jesse, Come Home”
Michael Miyazaki song: “Come in From the Rain”
Ron Squeri song: “Some Say Love”
Emily Leatha Everson song: ” One Woman’s Story”
Kathy Reilly song: “Make Me Rainbows”
Heather Frank song: “Skylark”
Maris Wicker song: “It Might as Well be Spring”
Paul Pompeo song: “Here’s That Rainy Day”
Molly Brick spoken tribute
Maureen Kerrigan song: “Dreamin'”
Stephanie Dailey song: “Let This Be Our Prayer”
Cindy Hutchins song: “Putting Things Away”
Brenda Rozier-Clark song: “Summertime”
Tracy Simpson song: “Places That Belong to You”
Bud Stringer spoken tribute
Richard Gondelman song: “Now and Forever”
Beverly Cosham song: “A Beautiful Sadness”