DC Cabaret Network Member’s Showcase, March 23, 2014

It was a grand night for singing at the DC Cabaret Network Member’s Showcase on Sunday, March 23 at the Arts Club of DC.

With the amazing Alex Tang on keyboards, and the technical skills of Jeff Tucker on sound, the singers took to the stage and presented the audience with a great variety of music – from standards to contemporary cabaret to Broadway show tunes. Lonny Smith introduced the singers with charm and grace.  

The program included:

Heather Frank: Because I Say So (Barbara Lica), Popsicle Toes (Michael Franks)

Louis Levy: The Lady Is A Tramp (Rodgers/Hart), The Touch of Your Lips (Ray Noble)

Mary Reilly: Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind (Lavin), There’ll Be Some Changes Made (Overstreet/Higgins)

Tracy Simpson: Oh How I Loved You (Heisler/Goldrich), Laughing Matters (Dick Gallagher/Mark Waldrop)

Joe Rossi: Don’t Let It Show (Alan Parsons/Eric Woolfson), Stay The Night (Susan Casazza/Norman Dolph)

Maris Wicker: Another Day (Wicker), Never Never Land (Comden/Green/Styne)

Maureen Kerrigan: You Can Have the TV (Craig Carnelia), So What (Kander/Ebb)

Deborah Davidson: They Just Keep Movin’ The Line (Shaiman/Wittman), A Sorta Love Song (Burkell/Loesel)

Justin Ritchie: What You’d Call a Dream (Craig Carnelia), Not My Father’s Son (Cyndi Lauper)

Stephanie Aboukasm: When Did I Fall In Love (Bock/Harnick), Say The Word (Kerrigan/Lowdermilk)

Andrew Harmon: Let’s Take A Walk Around the Block (Arlen/Harburg/Gershwin), Thunder Road (Springsteen)

One Response to “DC Cabaret Network Member’s Showcase, March 23, 2014”

  1. fifi Says:

    where can one find out about these events PRIOR to them occurring in order to make plans to attend, rather than on the reporting of them after the fact? thanks anyone for pointing me in the right direction

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