Did You Attend our John Bucchino Songbook Salon?

Only Life - CD cover

If the answer is yes, please consider sharing your thoughts and impressions in the comments section of this blog post. We’d love to hear from you, and we think the greater internet world of cabaret would love to hear from you, too. Just click on the “Leave a Comment” or “Comments” section below and tell us about your experience.

3 Responses to “Did You Attend our John Bucchino Songbook Salon?”

  1. John Bucchino Says:

    I’m curious to know more about this event (and honored that it happened!) Please let me know the details.
    All the best,
    John Bucchino

    • George Fulginiti-Shakar Says:

      Hi John!
      Delighted that you saw our blurb. I hope you’re doing fine at this change of seasons.
      I music directed and it went swimmingly. Some details: I first had the idea that not many of our membership (the DC Cabaret Network) were familiar with the songs in that songbook, being relatively new. Lots of folks were more familiar with the “Grateful” songbook. We’re always looking for ways to help out our membership, who are typically always looking for new material. So we created what is now the first in a series of Songbook Salons, this one featuring songs from “It’s Only Life”. I asked for volunteers to learn the music on their own, and then we’d all come together in one of our member’s living rooms and sing through the book. Some of the longer songs I split in half, so there were about 18-19 singers involved, and we had about 5 members there just to listen. We followed each tune with a brief discussion of the structure and meaning of the song, and how it fit into the larger “Bucchino” opus.
      Our host provided his playing skills on several tunes, delightful snacks, and a warm atmosphere. It lasted a couple of hours and I was very impressed with the level of preparation folks had done on their own. All in all, a great event. Thanks for the great tunes.

      • Davey Says:

        George! I thanked Alex, but I needed to thank you. This might stand out from the deluge of emails following.

        I think the singers did remarkably well with some difficult-to-sing stuff. I couldn’t think of the song at the time, but regarding “I’ve Learned to Let Things Go” I have in my notes reminded me of “The Boy from M…” (Sondheim/Mary Rogers).

        I think this type of collaboration evens out the DCCN scene.

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