Our Question of the Month! — April 2009 edition

question-mark-11Who is your current favorite singer?

Reply in the comments section and share with other readers who is getting your attention right now.


6 Responses to “Our Question of the Month! — April 2009 edition”

  1. Emily Leatha Everson Says:

    On voice alone, no voice takes me away like the sweet sounds of James Taylor…mix his guitar in there and i’m gone baby gone.

    Cabaret-wise, Barbara Cook gets my prize. The way she uses her voice always seems spot on for what she is singing and the message she is sharing. Even when pulling out the power stops, she never yells. I absolutely love her.

  2. Maris Wicker Says:

    Lately I’ve been listening again to Annie Lenox, who is incredibly soulful yet tender, and whose voice works SO well. Also the great Paul Robeson, who simply cuts through everything and goes right to the heart. And Victoria Clark, speaking of a voice that works well, and is simply beautiful.

  3. Chris Cochran Says:

    I needed some vocal jazz to listen to this morning and immediately thought to pull up a Janis Siegel album on my Ipod. She is better known perhaps as one member of the Manhattan Transfer, but I’ve always felt she’s been underrated as a solo performer. And not to sound too cliched, but like a fine wine, her voice has aged gorgeously. She’s done some interesting solo albums, including an alubm of lesser-known Broadway songs.

  4. Matt Howe Says:

    I haven’t had a steady diet of one singer lately. However, I’ve been enjoying several songs by Diana Krall, and I’m doing some “old-school” exploration of Diana Ross, who I never actually listened to before. (She has very interesting technique). I’ve always had a hard time getting excited about male singers … I’ve never been crazy about Sinatra or Bennett, for instance. However, I’ve got a few Andy Williams tunes on my iPod! I love Andy Williams’ tone. Such a beautiful male voice.

  5. Terri Allen Says:

    I’ve been listening again to the wonderful Ann Hampton Callaway — her technique is flawless. I actually like some of her earlier CDs and like to listen to her sing her own tunes and the standards. Another favorite is Lani Hall who was with Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66, but then married Herb Alpert! Her Waters of March is exquisite. And, of course, Amanda McBroom and Jane Monheit are favorites…..

  6. Michael Miyazaki Says:

    For me, no one will ever equal the great Mabel Mercer. The humanity and wit she brought to her performances set a new standard for performing. And I would argue that she is the most influential pop singer of the 20th Century for the people who she directly inspired — Frank Sinatra, Billie Holliday, Barbara Cook, Eileen Farrell, and so many others.

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