Newsletter email address has changed

Those of you who receive our monthly newsletter by email may have noticed by now that we have a new email address to handle our newsletters. We’re really excited about this! In addition, this new address is the place for members of the DC Cabaret Network to submit any performance or training information, or any other appropriate news, for publication in our monthly newseletter. The new address is:

Newsletter at DCCabaretNetwork dot org (we had to spell it out here to keep the spammers from finding us — but you get this picture.

Remember, paid members of the DC Cabaret Network get to submit publication news, training/vocal coaching services, etc.  So be sure and renew your membership (and sign up if you’re a newbie) to take advantage of this great member benefit.


One Response to “Newsletter email address has changed”

  1. Steven Cupo Says:

    Dear Michael:
    It was SO nice to see/hear you the other eve. Dan and I agreed it was a fun evening. Thank you!
    This is in regard to what I was telling you about … would you be willing to include the link to TICKETPLACE on this blog? We do sell tickets to cabaret events around town … and as you know … it’s all at a discount! The link (again) is it also allows one to buy everything online for the same price as in person.
    Anywho … thanks again Michael. Have a great weeding and a happy honeymoon!

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