Nuts and Bolts: “Preparing Music for Your Music Director/Pianist”

by George Fulginiti-Shakar

Many people ask “How should they prepare music for the music director/pianist? ” Here are some simple but important “nuts and bolts” answers:

1. Make copies and give those rather than having to fight with a large book that won’t stay open.

2. Make sure the copies are complete with nothing cut off from top or bottom. Using a zoom percentage of 92% or 93% works perfectly.
3. Loose copies are oh-so-much better than ones that are stapled.

4. If you want to connect the copies, put them in a 3-ring binder — no need to back-to-back them for now. Or tape them all together in one long, continuous chain. Personally, I like the binder way better.

5. DON’T PUT THE COPIES IN THOSE PLASTIC SHEET PROTECTORS. NOT JUST YET. They’re impossible to mark without a hassle.

6. Once the musical arrangement is set, plastic protectors are fine. But make sure they are the NON-GLARE type. Yes, a little more expensive, but nothing quite so impossible to read as music with a strong glare coming off it.

Musically yours,


One Response to “Nuts and Bolts: “Preparing Music for Your Music Director/Pianist””

  1. Jill Leger Says:

    THANKS, George! I hadn’t thought of using three-ring binders before. I’m gonna go get some right away. Much easier than all that tape I’ve been using.

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