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“Psycho Cabaret” Featured in DC Theatre Scene “Fringe Scene Stealers”

Judy Simmons, Michael Vitaly Sazanov, and Emily Leatha Everson (what’s with all the three-part names?) get the star treatment from Joel Markowitz over at DC Theatre Scene.

Bloggers are Talking about “Psycho Cabaret”

Psycho Cabaret is finding it friendly in the blogosphere.  Check out what these bloggers had to say about the show!

Michael Miyazaki @ Miyazaki Cabaret Update

Vagrarian @ Dust and Corruption (scroll down until you see the cast picture)

Fringe N Purge @ City Paper

Three more shows this week! Come check out the insanity!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008 @7:45 p.m.

Thursday, July 24, 2008 @6:00 p.m.

Friday, July 25, 2008 @5:30 p.m.

City Paper calls “Psycho Cabaret” ‘witty…poignant…funny’

Read the complete Fringe & Purge blog from City Paper.

Getting Psyched @ Psycho Cabaret!

Cast of Psycho Cabaret: L to R, George Fulginiti-Shakar, Lonny Smith, Emily Leatha Everson, Arlene Hill, Terri Allen, Judy Simmons, Chris Cochran, and Michael Vitaly Sazanov

by Terri Allen, Psycho Cabaret Producer

Well, we had our first Psycho Cabaret! performance as part of the Fringe Festival at Chief Ike’s last night.  We all seemed to get our lyrics straight and the audience liked the selections.  It seems as if we have indeed, created, a psycho show!  If I had to be honest, I saw some extraordinary performances tonight.  And George Fulginiti-Shakar, our musical director and on keyboards, really centered us, and kept the show moving forward.

OK. Since this is a blog, I have to be honest, and say that George left his piano stand at home!  Somewhere between the time I pulled up in my car to unload some chairs, and the time I found a parking space and walked back to the club, I saw George walking down the street.  Because I had just gone through the rigor of finding a parking place, I wasn’t surprised at first.  But then suddenly realized he was walking in the wrong direction. And, why was he walking AWAY from the club?

There always has to be some drama, doesn’t there, when a show opens?  (I know I diligently ironed my clothes for the show and then as I was leaving my apartment, of course, they fell off the hangars……and, you can imagine the rest!  A true comedy moment.)

The good news — evidently, Arch Campbell (on Channel 7) mentioned that the Fringe Festival was happening and mentioned Psycho Cabaret! (One of our cast member’s father emailed him about the Fringe Festival and he mentioned our show!)  Who knew!!!!

Anyway, Chief Ike’s has a definite personality. (OK, it takes me back many years ago when I sang in a club at Ocean City and there was always noise in the background and people talking at the bar.  And then there was the other club. . . oh forget it, you have to talk to me to get the full story about that!)  Let’s say that there can be a battle between those folks who hang out at the bar, and our sophisticated audiences who come to see a show.

But back to the present.  Psycho Cabaret! Come see us.  Eight singers (including our strong musical director who graces the stage to sing) . . .  Yes, I’m a bit prejudiced – some really interesting material, and an interesting environment.

And, yes, it is Fringe!   Come support us!  You’ll have a good time!

Psycho Cabaret Opens July 10th @ the Capital Fringe Fest

Lonny Smith, Arlene Hill, Judy Simmons, and George Fulginiti-Shakar, part of the cast of Psycho Cabaret.

The cast of Psycho Cabaret is working hard as the Capital Fringe Fest gets ready to start. Get the details!

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