Psycho Cabaret @ the Capital Fringe Fest

The DC Cabaret Network presents its third entry in the Capital Fringe Fest!

Get the lowdown and your tickets at Ticketmania.

Check SongSpeak for more details blog posts from cast members, producers, and directors.


3 Responses to “Psycho Cabaret @ the Capital Fringe Fest”

  1. gorillamydreamz Says:

    Hi all,

    I wanted to say good luck with the fringe show! I know it will be terrific. Since there is no where else to post something I also wanted to leave a post about a show this past weekend featuring many Cabaret Network members.

    I attended Bevery Cosham’s show at the Arts Club last night and she was in fine form. The lovely and gracious Sally Martin introduced Beverly and spoke of the DC Cabaret Network’s efforts to expand and celebrate and Cabaret throughout DC and educate the public. Things like the group Fringe Show are a great step in that direction but there seems to be real lack of the “celebration” part! (Keep in mind this is the impression of an outside, non-member) Members shows are listed brielfy in the newsletter but the blog itself is mostly just show times. I think adding some joy, insight, information, history and personal thoughts to the blog will help draw in people more effectively.

    Case in point… the last weekend’s two-night, three-show review at Playbill Theatre, “Googling My Ex” featured no less than six stellar DC Cabaret Network members performing a brand-new review of original songs by DC songwriter and Cabaret network member, Jill Leger! All DC artists performing original DC songs. Isn’t that something special to be celebrated? Two sold-out shows and full house for the third. I feel like shouting it to the rooftops!

    Full disclosure here, I was the stage manager for the show and am the lucky guy married to the songwriter. But I kept having to remind myself to get back to work because the evening was so entertaining and spirited! I posted a review on Michael Miyazaki’s website under his post on the evening and wanted to share to share it with the Cabaret Network, who provided Jill with so much inspiration since she joined.

    Thank you all and blow the back walls off the theatre at Psycho Cabaret!!!!!

    This show was a surprising delight from start to finish. The cast followed a gentle through-line which mirrors Leger’s growth from an early childhood love of music to her maturation into an artist who finds inspiration in every aspect of modern life. The cast breathed life, energy and magic into this wide variety of songs. Some comedic, some touching, all coming from a place of pure love and inspiration. Many of the songs were written with their specific singers in mind, taking advantage of their many strengths. How often does a singer get to debut a song written just for them? The cast takes full advantage of this opportunity to put their unique stamp on the music.

    The group numbers where inspired and spectacular. Some of them could easily have been in an MGM musical had the Lion gone on creating musicals into the modern era. Joshua Rich’s lavish accompaniment added a spontaneity to the proceedings, which carried the audience at a brisk pace through several inspired crescendos. Truly a night full of surprises, delights and musical gems.

    Leger’s website is right, this show is a coming out party for a formidable new songwriting talent.

  2. Emily Leatha Everson Gleichenhaus Says:

    Dear Rob! Thank you so much for your thoughtful and honest comment here! We really appreciate the feedback.

    Getting to sing Jill’s songs and celebrate the beautiful light she shares with the world was a profound and joyous experience for me.

    With gratitude, Emily

  3. gorillamydreamz Says:

    Thanks Emily,

    I appreciate being appreciated.

    You’re doing a great job and you blew me away in Googling My Ex.

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