Our Guest Blogger for February: Ron Squeri!


Please join us in welcoming Ron Squeri as our guest blogger for February 2008.

Ron is a Washington, D.C.-based cabaret performer and song stylist. He opened the 2003 Source Theatre cabaret series with his one-man show, Love Comes ‘Round, and performed his show Light on My Feet at the Warehouse Theater in 2005. As the culmination of the year and a half process to produce his CD, “Haunted Heart,” with NY based music director Rick Jensen, Ron recently performed his show, Haunted Heart, in January, 2008, at the Duplex in New York, to celebrate the release of his CD. Ron is a 2004 fellow of The Cabaret Conference at Yale and is active with the DC Cabaret Network. For more info: www.RonSqueri.com

Check SongSpeak throughout the month of February for Ron’s posting’s about everything cabaret.