Cabaret Is My Life (Part 3)

by Beverly Cosham, January 2008 Guest Blogger

Been awhile since my last post – LIFE sometimes gets in the way of art. Have a couple of concerts with orchestras coming up so I’ve been devoting time to those.
Since I’m not sure of my audience and there have been no comments, don’t know if I’m preaching to “the choir” or persons who just want to know what this “cabaret” is all about.

Over the weekend, I went on a Board retreat and spent a great deal of time “educating” my fellow companions on cabaret. Some admitted that when they see it advertised that they immediately think of Liza Minnelli!

Have been mainly just trying to stay healthy since singing is such a physical activity, the body needs to be in top form. Not unlike an athlete. Had the flu over the holidays and lost my voice completely (and don’t get me started on the COUGH), so have been taking my vitamin supplements, returning to my cardio work-out routine, and practicing breathing.
I have just returned to the Chorale as an alto to keep my voice “warm” when I am not performing. The last concert of the season will be a “Pops” concert and the next concert includes TE DEUM (Mozart), NUNC DIMITTIS (John Boatner), THE MAGNIFICAT (Pergolesi), and a new MAGNIFICAT (David Ott). This is music that I truly enjoy and it’s so different from cabaret.

Which brings me to a question: what music do you listen to? Only cabaret? Only Pop? Only one performer or composer? How diverse is the pool from which you choose your material? I particularly like country music because a majority of the songs are complete stories with universal messages. Heard any new CDs? Let me know.


4 Responses to “Cabaret Is My Life (Part 3)”

  1. Karen Michaels Says:

    I am so happy I found your blog! It is our goal (hubbie and me) to get our show written and maybe even performed this year. I, too was very sick this season and the cough was nasty. Have you ever tried emergen-c? It helped me a little. Now, to answer your question-we listen to lots of cabaret-some country and some “popera” as our voice teacher calls it!
    Anyway, best of luck to you and i look forward to reading more about you! Karen 🙂 website is still getting worked on!

  2. Terri Allen Says:

    That’s an interesting question.. whom do you listen to! I move between some of my favorite singers — Cleo Laine, Amanda McBroom, Nancy Lamott, Diane Shurr, Ann Hampton Calloway, Natalie Cole . . . and yes, Bev, like you… a few times lately I’ve switched on the radio to the country station .. . and enjoyed those Nashville musicians and their songs. (Actually I want to listen to more country). A friend of ours is now saying she doesn’t use the term “cabaret” at all . . .because people have very particular ideas about cabaret. We’re vocalists!

  3. Davey Brown Says:

    Hi Beverly.

    I attended your presentation on “Divas” at Kathy Reilly’s some time ago. I like being introduced to new things and (to answer your request) have some favorites: composer – Sonheim; singers – Audra McDonald, Bernadette Peters, Michael Feinstein(due more to his material) entertainers – MANY old and older Liza Minelli, rat pack, Nancy Wilson, Shirley Bassey.

    The DCCN had one Open Mic for which it was suggested the performer do something that was produced since 1990. Enjoying Broadway pieces, generally, and having lived out of the country for a good bit of the ninties, I did a fairly detailed study of the period and found many that I would be interested in developing for myself. Those that I did choose and try in front of the group were well received and many were clamoring to know what musical they were from. There is such a wealth of stuff out there, and I hope to do some more searching back from 1990.


  4. Erica Says:

    Just so you know…

    I’m new to the DC Cabaret Network! Wait, scratch that…new to cabaret, PERIOD.

    I could see that not many comments had been made, so I just wanted to let you know someone is reading. I sent in a check for membership literally about 2 weeks ago, but haven’t received any corresspondence quite yet.

    Upon visiting the website again, I was thrilled to see this blog. So thanks, for sharing about your experience!

    In case you’re wondering, I’m a 28yr old woman living in northern Virginia. I am currently working on professional storytelling, but studied vocal music as an undergrad and privately for a while. I have had the most difficult time figuring out what my musical niche is (my style was heavily influenced by musical theatre) and so I have gradually woven my way through the crowds to discover that there is something currently CALLED cabaret…I guess that’s it for now! Thanks again.

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