February 2008 Newsletter is Now Available!

The DC Cabaret Network newsletter for February is now available on our web site!  Be sure and check it out for all the cabaret-related events happening in the metro Washington, D.C. area in February!

Cabaret Is My Life (Part 4)

by Beverly Cosham, January 2008 Guest Blogger

I am writing what may be my penultimate offering for the blog. I hope to scribble something else before February 1st. I am currently having my second bout with the flu and hoping that it is the 24-hour version.

I spent my weekend attending three diverse musical events: harp soloist, musical revue, and a symphony with a bassoon soloist. It is amazing the amount of entertainment available in this area. The musical revue consisted of tunes from Broadway shows and is a good example of how, with an overall theme, to bring disparate material together.

ella.jpg  Interesting article in the Washington Post about theaters discovering that they can make money on “Bio” plays due to the lower overhead costs associated with one-person shows. This seems to be a perfect time for cabaret artists to submit their (completed and tested) revues to artistic directors in the area. H Street Playhouse has a cabaret offering coming up as does the Atlas. Does anyone know how to get in touch with retirement homes? That’s another venue.

ALSO: I will be performing with the McLean Symphony on Saturday, February 9, 2008 at 7:30 at the Alden Theatre in McLean, VA
February 23rd I will be performing at INDIGO

Next Open Mic Night — February 11, 2008

microphone2.gifThe next DC Cabaret Network Open Mic Night is Monday, February 11, 2008. Sign up starts at 7:30, singing starts at 8:00 p.m. with Reenie Codelka  at the piano at the Warehouse Theater.

Admission is a suggested donation for the pianist and to cover the rental fee: $15 for non-members, $12 for paid members of the DC Cabaret Network.

The Warehouse Theater is located at 1021 7th Street, NW , across from the new Convention Center.

Everyone is welcome. Our Open Mic Nights are a great opportunity to try out new stuff, take out an old friend, or just hone your skills in a friendly and supportive environment.

Visit www.warehousetheater.com for directions and more info about the space.

January ’08 Open Mic Night Report

Our open mic night January 28th was a smashing success and loads of fun! Michael Miyazaki graciously gives us the roundup of who sang what over on his Miyazaki Cabaret Update blog. Thanks Michael!

Cabaret Is My Life (Part 3)

by Beverly Cosham, January 2008 Guest Blogger

Been awhile since my last post – LIFE sometimes gets in the way of art. Have a couple of concerts with orchestras coming up so I’ve been devoting time to those.
Since I’m not sure of my audience and there have been no comments, don’t know if I’m preaching to “the choir” or persons who just want to know what this “cabaret” is all about.

Over the weekend, I went on a Board retreat and spent a great deal of time “educating” my fellow companions on cabaret. Some admitted that when they see it advertised that they immediately think of Liza Minnelli!

Have been mainly just trying to stay healthy since singing is such a physical activity, the body needs to be in top form. Not unlike an athlete. Had the flu over the holidays and lost my voice completely (and don’t get me started on the COUGH), so have been taking my vitamin supplements, returning to my cardio work-out routine, and practicing breathing.
I have just returned to the Chorale as an alto to keep my voice “warm” when I am not performing. The last concert of the season will be a “Pops” concert and the next concert includes TE DEUM (Mozart), NUNC DIMITTIS (John Boatner), THE MAGNIFICAT (Pergolesi), and a new MAGNIFICAT (David Ott). This is music that I truly enjoy and it’s so different from cabaret.

Which brings me to a question: what music do you listen to? Only cabaret? Only Pop? Only one performer or composer? How diverse is the pool from which you choose your material? I particularly like country music because a majority of the songs are complete stories with universal messages. Heard any new CDs? Let me know.

New Guest Accompanist at our January Open Mic


Mary Sugar

Our January Open Mic Night on January 28, 2008, will feature a new guest accompanist: Mary Sugar. Mary spent 11 years in New York City as a musical director, pianist and coach. She has played for many singers (Clay Aiken, Leslie Uggams, Barbara Cooke) and for Broadway tours such as Beauty and the Beast, Full Monty, Hairspray, Mamma Mia, the Producers and more. She has recently moved to the DC area. You can find out more about Mary here. We hope to see you on the 28th!

Update: “Words and Music” Master Class Date Change

The Words and Music master class taught by Wendy Lane Bailey and Laurel Masse’ has been pushed back one week to February 23, 2008. Check here for more information.